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Membership Types

There are three types of memberships available within the Washington, D.C. Chapter:

Full Member: An individual who has an advanced degree in the management of non-profit or for-profit organizations or an equivalent management degree from a recognized college or university. The degrees shall include MBA, MPA, and other advanced degrees as determined by the Membership Development Committee to be consistent with the goals, objectives and orientation of the Association, and as approved by the Executive Committee. The fee for this category of membership is $150 per year.

Associate Member: An individual who has distinguished themselves in successful management experience or entrepreneurial endeavors. This individual should subscribe to the goals and objectives of the Washington, D.C. Chapter. The fee for this category of membership is $150 per year.

Student Member: An individual who is actively pursuing an advanced management degree at a recognized college or university. The individual may be enrolled in a program as either a full-time or part-time student. The fee for this category of membership is $75 per year.
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If you are looking for a network of Greater Washington area business professionals with a commitment to education, career development and promoting the economic wealth of the African-American community … the National Black MBA Association is for you!

With over 700 financial members in our chapter, the NBMBAA Washington, D.C. Chapter represents a dynamic group of educated, accomplished business leaders. Individuals will find excellent opportunities for business and social networking and the opportunity to impact your community locally, regionally and nationally. Join the business network that’s working hard to advance its membership.

General Stats:

65% of members have an advanced degree (MBA, MPA, MA, MS, JD, Ph.D, etc.)
20% are pursuing an advanced degree
15% are entrepreneurs or business professionals

95% of our members are between ages 30 and 45 years