Student Outreach – Syreeta Sheppard

The Student Outreach Committee develops and maintains relationships with local colleges and universities, establishes criteria for evaluating and selecting student applicants for scholarships and supports other student related programs. The Scholarship Program is an extension of this committee’s charter.

Public Relations – Dominic Swain

The Public Relations committee is focused on publishing and disseminating information of interest to members and the community. Members are responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with local publications, radio and television stations to further advance and promote Association events. The Website (Vernon Green) is an extension of this committee’s charter.

Professional Development – Alicia Edwards

The Professional Development committee organizes and implements seminars, lectures, and other forums which provide professional and intellectual enlightenment to the membership of the Association. The Career Network (Wes Lewis) is an extension of this committee’s charter

Membership – Janette Jordan

The Membership committee volunteers are charged with maintaining the local membership roster and database, generating mailing labels and membership lists, sending new member packages, developing and implementing strategies to maintain and increase membership.

Grants – Ijeoma Ezeanya

The Grants committee is responsible for identifying and seeking funding, both in-kind and financial, from grant funders locally and nationally. Members prepare grant request documentation and submit according to funder’s guidelines and timetable.

Government Affairs – vacant

The members of the Government Affairs committee have the responsibility for analytical examination of political issues of interest to the Association.

Corporate Development – Janeen Blige

The Corporate Development committee develops and maintains relationships with local corporations and governmental agencies works with those corporations and agencies for all fundraising activities on a local and national level, maintains our corporate contact database and mailing list and coordinates the corporate reception.

Business and Economic Development – Talayia Kelley

The Business and Economic Development committee is chartered with providing management assistance to new and existing minority businesses, identifying feasible entrepreneurial opportunities, identifying financial resources, and maintaining relationships with local colleges, universities and government agencies which encourage and facilitate small business development.



Leaders of Tomorrow – Jazmin Tanner