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Leaders of Tomorrow- Washington, D.C., also known as “LOT”, is a network of high school students and professionals working together to guide young people down a path to professional careers. Mentors volunteer as coaches to work with students on a consistent basis and help them to develop the habits necessary for achievement, to set and reach goals, and to understand personal and collective responsibility.

Leaders of Tomorrow puts into practice the unique “Life Leadership Model” – an integrated system of activities, workshops, assignments and measurements that helps to train students in use of the tools necessary for success. Students are then accountable for putting these tools to work.

LOT engineers a challenging course of action for students who want to go far in life, and then pushes the student toward successful navigation of that course. Students are measured in key competencies designed to raise expectations.

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Leaders of Tomorrow- D.C. believes that going to college is perhaps the most definite springboard to success. Getting to college, however, is not easy. It takes years of prior planning, above average performance and good decision making. LOT helps students understand what it takes to get into college, and helps them demonstrate the standardized testing, academic and performance excellence that colleges look for when granting admission and scholarships.

The LOT SAT Prep Course SAT preparation is integrated throughout the LOT program, including a requirement that LOT students take professional administered SAT prep course.

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  • Analytical Development & Problem Solving
  • College Preparation
  • Community Service
  • Cultural development
  • Goal Setting- College, Academics and Career
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  • Leadership
  • Oratorical Development
  • Professional Development & Networking
  • SAT/ ACT Preparation
  • Teamwork
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Course components include:
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  • Algebra
  • Analogies
  • Critical reading
  • Geometry
  • Grid-ins
  • Logic
  • Multiple practice testing
  • Number properties
  • Proportions
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  • Quantitative Comparisons
  • Remedial
  • Review
  • Sentence completions
  • Strategic problem solving
  • Verbal
  • Vocabulary
  • Word problems
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College Visits
Choosing the right college is an intense process. Through college visits and visits to LOT meetings by college representatives, LOT helps provide students exposure to different colleges to help the student determine whether they can excel in that particular college environment.

LOT has facilitated student visits to some of the nation’s most prestigious schools, including: Clark Atlanta University, Fisk University, Florida A&M University, Hampton University, Howard University, Meharry Medical College, Morehouse College, Rice University, Southern Methodist University, Spelman College, Tennessee State University, Temple University, Texas Southern University, University of California at San Diego, University of Maryland, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Richmond.

When the students can’t travel to the schools, LOT brings the schools to the students through visits from college representatives and local alumni who can provide frank perspectives of their respective matriculations. Students have met representatives from Duke University, Harvard University, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University, Stanford University and Princeton University, among others.

To join Leaders of Tomorrow as a student or mentor, please contact the LOT Chair.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]