Past Events

Past Events


January 7: LOT Meeting

January 17: GBM / Inauguration

January 21: LOT Meeting

February – Black history month

February 4: LOT Meeting

February 18: LOT Meeting

February 21: LEADERSHIP LESSONS: African-American Entrepreneurs in the DMV

March- Women’s History Month

March 4: LOT Meeting

March 16: March Madness Student Success Scholarship Campaign

March 18: LOT Meeting

March 20: Corporate Partner Orientation

March 21: LEADERSHIP LESSONS: Women in Leadership / Women Leaning In

April – Community Service Month (Celebrate Diversity Month)

April 1: LOT Meeting

April 15: LOT Oratorical Competition (Reimagining Black Stereotypes)

April 18: LEADERSHIP LESSONS: Social Responsibility and Community Engagement

April 29: Wealth Building Series Part 1: Plan Your Road Toward Financial Freedom

May – Public Service

May 6: LOT Meeting

May 16: LEADERSHIP LESSONS: Senior Executive Insights in Government

May 20: LOT Meeting